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Our Organizing Services

Home Organizing

Is your disorganized home stressing you out? Are you overwhelmed by all the “stuff” you’ve accumulated?

Get organized and get your sanity back! Let us help you get it under control and learn how to maintain an organized lifestyle. Learn more.

Home Staging

Are you planning to sell your home? Are the thoughts of living and working and family activities and packing and de-cluttering and cleaning and dealing with unexpected showings, making you dizzy?

Let us ease the stress, save you time, and increase your profit. Learn more.


Do you need to downsize, move, or combine households? Have you lost a loved one and are now faced with piles of memorabilia and papers and other possessions that you just don’t know how to deal with?

We know just what to do. We can help you through this emotional and overwhelming time. Learn more.


There’s no time to unpack when you still have to go to work and take care of all the normal details of your life!

Minimize the disruption of moving to a new house and make a fresh start! We will get you organized quickly and painlessly.  Learn more.

Holiday Assistance

Are you expecting company but the guest rooms are full of junk and you can’t find the couch and you have no time to de-clutter, much less decorate or set the table?

Have no fear, The Spruce Goose is here! Learn more.