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Home Organizing

Home Organizing

The Spruce Goose can help you organize any area of your home, whether it’s a kitchen, pantry, playroom, closet, home office, garage, shed, or even the whole house! The goals are to optimize the space, make it look fantastic, add efficiency to your workflow, and implement maintenance systems that fit your lifestyle. To accomplish these goals, we take a three-step approach:

Step 1: FREE Assessment: We Develop a Plan

First we’ll meet in your space and talk in detail about the area, your current organizing challenges, and how you envision the space to be used. There’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. I’ve pretty much seen it all, and I’m here to help you! I want you to be as comfortable as possible with the entire process, and this free appointment gives you a chance to find out if we are compatible before you sign an agreement.

Step 2: We Take Action!

We’ll work together to evolve the space based on your challenges and needs. I’ll help you decide what to keep, sell, donate, and trash. As we go through your belongings and paperwork, I’ll begin to understand how you live and work and how to set up the space so you can be as efficient as possible. How long this takes depends on how involved you want to be and how much “stuff” needs to be sorted.

You can use The Spruce Goose as little or as much as you want. For example, if you’re really motivated I can provide you with a strategic plan of action that you can complete on your own. In certain situations, we can make much progress if you can make yourself available for questions as I complete the work. In most cases the most efficient way, however, is to work beside me to get the work done. We’ll take the approach you’re most comfortable with.

To maximize your time and budget, I can offer qualified assistants who can help with the hands-on organizing at a reduced hourly rate, should you need additional help besides myself. I can also leave you with “homework” to do between sessions, which will help keep your costs down. I will also try to use containers and storage solutions you may already have, and perhaps suggest purchasing additional items. If you prefer that I do the shopping so that the right items are purchased, I’m able to do that, too!

Step 3: We Set Maintenance Dates.

Nobody wants to spend all that energy on organizing a space, only to have it slip back to a frustratingly dysfunctional condition. That’s why it’s so important to follow up with regular accountability or maintenance dates. It takes some time for new habits to stick. Knowing that I’ll return ensures that the organizing work stays a priority, homework will get done, and new systems will be used.

I am sometimes asked the question, “Is this the same as a regular cleaning service?”

My answer is no, because cleaning service people merely lift up your clutter and clean underneath it, or they stack things in piles so that you can’t find anything anymore. A good organizer helps you stay organized by: gently reviewing your habits, refining your systems to make them work better for you, and putting things back in their logical places.

Take the first step: Call The Spruce Goose and let’s solve your organizing problems together. 210-288-0246.