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Moving to San Antonio? Overwhelmed by boxes?

Imagine coming home after a long day, tired and hungry, dreading that you have to unpack the towers of boxes in every room. So much paper! Piles of kitchen gadgets! Endless supplies of cleaning and bathroom products, and stuff you don’t know what to do with…

But you walk in, and…

…Not a box in sight! Your bed is ready to sleep in, the bathrooms are stocked, and the kitchen is fully functional.  Wow! You can put your feet up! You can relax and enjoy your new home right away!

We customize the process to meet your needs.

Some clients prefer to work beside me or with my team to get the job done. Others just want it done and agree to be available (at least by phone) to answer questions. We’ll take the approach you’re most comfortable with.

We find ways to help you save time and money.

To maximize your time and budget, I can offer additional team members (“sprucers”) who can help with the unpacking, under my direction, at a reduced hourly rate. I can leave you with “homework” to do between sessions, to keep your costs down. While organizing, I’ll try to use containers and storage solutions you may already have. I may also suggest purchasing additional items that will maximize your space and workflow. If you prefer that I do the shopping so that the right items are purchased, I’m able to do that, too!

Take the first step: Call The Spruce Goose and let’s get your house set up! 210-288-0246