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Notes of praise from my clients:

Jennifer promptly returns phone calls or texts, and is always on time, ready to work. She hauled off all items to be donated to Goodwill, and brought receipts back at the next visit. Jennifer is very easy to work with, and you never feel like someone is “going through my stuff”. She has great ideas and suggestions on how you can organize things more efficiently. The goal was to just organize 2 rooms, but ended up doing the entire house, including the garage.

– C.S.
March 2017

Very good and was very nice. She called that evening and came the next day. Very trustworthy, helped me get rid of clutter. She did an amazing job.

– J.R.
Feb 2017

Very easy to work with! Thanks for a productive 1st visit.

– C.S.
Jan 2017

Jennifer is amazing at what she does! She is worth every penny! I felt a huge relief after every work experience, it was great to see all of my belongings decluttered and organized. Everything that could be donated was, and that has also left me with a sense of happiness. She works very hard to find something to do every minute she is working. This service is worth it and will make life better!

– R.W.
Jan 2017

Wonderful! It was a surprise from my husband and it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten! My closet and bathroom were a disaster, and she labeled everything and organized everything in a way that I could find things and keep putting them away where they belong..

– M.H.
Dec 2016

I feel such a sense of relief now that I have a clean desk. I can hold my head up around my co-workers and go on my leave of absence with a clear conscience. Thanks Jennifer.

– C.D.
Oct 2016

Very professional and organized and works fast. Lots of experience and talents in the organizing field. Helped us move from a house we had been in for 23 years. We got rid of a lot of stuff.

– M.L.
Oct 2016

Jennifer is a lifesaver. I had to move from one house into another half the size which already had some of my stuff in it. Jennifer helped me eliminate lots of items from both houses. She helped me sell a bedroom suite and other pieces of furniture. She packed items very carefully yet quickly. She kept me focused during this stressful move and provided very practical guidance. Without Jennifer’s expertise, I know I would not have done the move nearly as efficiently — or at all! She is a very pleasant person and a delight to work with. I recommend The Spruce Goose for any organizing or moving project.

– J.N.
Aug 2016

Phenomenal, Jennifer got ALOT done in a short time. Very personable AND realistic. Solution Oriented!

– A.H.
July 2016

What can I say to sum her and company up: “The Best” in all aspects !!

– C.W.
April 2016

I’ve been working with Jennifer since August 2015 and have found her to be exceptionally reliable, efficient, and easy to work with. She turns daunting home organization projects into manageable (and enjoyable!) tasks. Jennifer is always calm and never bats an eye even when I’ve shown her the worst areas of my home. At the end of every session my house is drastically improved. My husband even gets excited when I schedule a session with her because he knows what a difference she makes to our home. One of the most helpful things Jennifer does for us is removing and donating our unwanted items at the end of a session. This saves us a trip to a donation center and prevents us or the kids from redistributing the items back into our house. Jennifer is wonderful, and spending money on improving the living conditions within our home has been the best money I’ve ever spent!

– J.T.
March 2016

Organizing, sorting through, and clearing out can be an overwhelming task. Jennifer can help. She is pleasant and professional, patient and respectful, guides and encourages but is not overbearing. Whether it is dealing with an accumulation of paperwork, sorting through clothes, magazines, books, garages, basements, attics, storage lockers, or help with holiday decorating, or just dealing with too much stuff, Jennifer can help. It is an investment in your wellbeing and helps provide you with the opportunity to improve your life.

– M.B.
March 2016

Very professional and thorough job. Attention to detail. Very courteous and friendly manner. Makes the best use of hired time to maximize results. Would recommend to everyone considering to hire an organizer.

– A.L.
March 2016

Jennifer, aka Spruce Goose, is AMAZING! When she first came to help me, I felt so embarrassed and ashamed by my hoarded house, but she is calm and professional and FAST! I have health conditions that prevent me from doing much but Jennifer needs little direction. Even more importantly, she helped me put things where they make sense. I’ve never had to wonder where something is once she has organized it. She has worked with me once a month for eight months and several times where I had an emergency situation. I can always depend on her and will continue to have her help me with maintenance.

– C.B.
March 2016

Very kind, patient, professional and efficient!

– L.V.
Jan 2016

I always considered myself to be fairly organized but I had no idea how much better it could be! I am so thankful for her services!!

– K.K.
Dec 2015

From unpacking, decluttering, cleaning, to decorating Jennifer is outstanding. As a mother herself she understands how imperative it is for a household to run smoothly. She’s brilliant when it comes to logical solutions for everyday housekeeping. She is intuitive to her clients’ needs.

– K.C.
Dec 2015

Jennifer helped me organize my scrapbook/office room. I have wanted to straighten and organize this room for years. It just overwhelmed me! I met Jennifer at a scrapbook retreat. When I found out that she organizes for a living, I knew I had found my answer! I love love love my room now! I can see the floor again! I can’t wait to surprise my husband. The messy room has been a bone of contention between us. He will be very pleased.

– E.W.
Nov 2015

Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for speaking at the first Lunch and Learn of the school year! The tips you offered are invaluable, and you were such an integral part of making our luncheon a great success! Thanks again!

– A.S.
Nov 2015

Jennifer has been a great help with organizing and decorating. She always has a positive and patient attitude! We are able to complete tasks quickly. Life is so much simpler and easier when you know exactly where everything is located. She has been great to work with. I would suggest using her services in organizing and /or decorating.

– E.B.
Oct 2015

I don’t know what we would have done without Jennifer. She has been a tremendous help, from getting our house move-in-ready, helping open boxes, decorating, and placing everything in its place. With Jennifer and Margaret’s work, our house always looks in spotless condition. Both are the ultimate professionals and the work they do is outstanding.

– A.K.
Sept 2015

Helpful. Sincere. Courteous.

– M.C.G.
Sept 2015

Looks Great! Appreciate the extra little touches!

– A.K.
May 2015

I’m absolutely speechless about what you’ve done in there! Just amazing! It looks great! I’ve not seen that much floor space since before we moved in! Thank you so much! You are awesome! I’m beyond happy! I’m thrilled!

– K.H.
March 2015

I’m so glad I picked you to help me get rid of an overwhelming amount of stuff and bring order back into my home. Right away, I felt comfortable with you and your abilities. God always provides just what I need.

– M.G.
December 2014

My yard looks so nice this year for Halloween; I plan to have you back every year! I dreaded climbing into the attic to get all the decorations out. Thanks for making it so easy and fun.

– D.B.
November 2014

You always do a fabulous job. Thanks again.

– F.F.
August 2014

Jennifer, Thank you so much. Everything looks wonderful. I am so happy when the garage door goes up and I don’t look around and see a disaster. It’s amazing how easy it is to find something in the closets when it’s neat and orderly. Thank you.

– K.H.
April 2014

The Spruce Goose came and organized my son’s closet. When he came home from school we just stood in front of the closet doors and stared. Then he hugged me in excitement and immediately began pulling out a game and started playing with it. I’d been urging him for months to get something out of that closet and play with it, but he always said there wasn’t anything there that he wanted to play with. Now with everything in boxes and nicely labeled and so accessible and inviting he finds it easy to be attracted to something.

– B.S.
March 2013

What a great birthday or Christmas gift to give someone: just one spot of order and pleasure.

– A.D.
Dec. 2012

Thank you for all your help these couple of weeks (unpacking, organizing, and setting up the new house). You have no idea how much I appreciate it. You did such a fantastic job!

– A.K.
Nov. 2012

I worked with Jennifer for a couple weeks to get my house straightened out. She always arrived on time with a smile. She’s patient and kind, and she works hard! I don’t know where she gets all her organizing ideas, but my house looks and works so much better now. I feel as though a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders and now putting things away seems more manageable.

And now I can find my stuff!

– E.L.
Sept. 2012

Jennifer and her assistant came and organized my daughter’s bedroom. There was stuff everywhere and I couldn’t get my daughter to put it away. Jennifer worked with us to let go of unused toys and other items and provided storage baskets, containers and shelving for the remaining items. She re-arranged the room to fit everything in logical places. She even labeled the bins! My daughter doesn’t want to mess her room up anymore, and since everything has a place now, it’s easy for her to do a quick sweep every night before bed. Thanks Jennifer!

– R.L.
Sept. 2012

Jennifer recently helped us get our house ready to sell. She took the time to go through each room with me and was honest about what needed to be done to impress a buyer. She gave us a list of things to get done, which she created while doing the walk-through. Honestly, I thought I could have done the same thing, but she noticed things that my husband and I hadn’t, and made really great suggestions. She was conscientious about our budget and helped us prioritize. I know our house sold faster because we followed most of the suggestions on her list.

– T.W.
July 2012

After a friend recommended Jennifer, I called around just to see what other home organizers charge per hour. I was amazed! Jennifer charges a reasonable hourly rate and I was very pleased with her work. I will have her back regularly.

– K.M.
May 2012

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